Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello! How is everyone doing? I am almost done with midterms! Just one more to go which is tomorrow night with an Art History Exam. I am currently studying, well not right now since I took a break to type a blog post for you guys :) I can't wait to relax a bit after it is all over. I been doing quite well in my classes and also I am excited about my new classes for next semester! Well moving on away from school topics, I got a book in the mail today! I purchased this book called "Fortune Telling Book of Dreams" I been wanting since summer. I can't wait to dream something these next few nights and see what the book tells me about them :D Yesterday my friend baked scones with blueberries and strawberries in them and the results were delicious. And today I went to H&M got myself a new winter hat/beanie and went to Gamestop to get World of WarCraft game. Haha I know....I just really want to try it out. I'm sure it is fun and I just love games :]

So tell me, what is everyone doing or up to these days? Would love to hear it! & sorry for those of you who have commented and haven't gotten a reply from me...blame midterms! haha but as soon as I am done I will reply back to you. [:


Anonymous said...

I love beanie hats!!! I myself have been busy with midterms also. school takes the best of us sometimes. the book sounds really interesting, I would love to get into it. world of warcraft is awesome. a really good friend of mines that passed away used to be addicted to it! hence me liking the game too. I hope you enjoy it :)

Kimberly said...

I'm almost done my midterms as well. I hope your last one goes well, good luck!

Crystal Ball said...

Aw man, I feel your busy pain. I, too, have been crazy busy with school related stuff.
I need a new beanie really bad and I know what book you are talking about! I remember seeing it on the UO website and wanting it as well.
Have a lovely weekend and get some rest <3