Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Los Angeles Zoo...♥

As promised here are the photos I took to my trip to the L.A. Zoo :) These are all taken by my sony digital camera and to my disappointed the photos I thought I had taken on my Holga didn't turn out because it was my first time putting film in manually and so I didn't place it correctly and so my film never did advance to take pictures :( It got me really sad but I am just glad I had my digital camera as a back-up. So now I have learned my lesson and know how to load film haha so until next time when I get the chance I will take Holga Photos!

My favorite picture would be the Giraffe! They got so close it was wonderful and a awesome experience being close to these beautiful tall elegant animals! I spend minutes and minutes just looking at them. :) I also wanted to see the reptiles and amphiphians but unfortunately it was closed because they are constructing a new one so I didn't get to see snakes. Elephants were also not available there, I noticed when mom, dad and i were almost done seeing the whole Zoo. They are building this new environment for them and bringing in new elephants from Asia! They are also constructing a new forest!

Even though it was my 7 or 8th time at the zoo. I didn't remember the place so it was like it was my first time there. Full of fun. Very hot day though. Must have been 95 degrees Fahrenheit or more! I don't know. Good thing I wore sunblock so I didn't get a sunburn.
My souvenirs were 2 Giraffe pencils and a Giraffe key chain :) well I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)


Sol said...

wow, these pics are awesome! i love the one of the giraffe too, you got so close to him/her!
there's a huge zoo in the city where i live, and i'm planning to go there next week ;)

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cavaán said...

naww these photos are cool as!
didn't go to the zoo when i went haha.

sorry about the holga photos though. hey if you ever have any problems, (i'm not a total holga expert but i've had mine for a few years and we've shared our fair share of up and downs,) so if need any help i'd try my best to see if i know anything :]


Amelia said...

I love the picture with the zebra! Now I'm definitely going to have to get myself to the zoo...

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely pictures; I definitely adore the zoo. I never get tired of going. :)