Saturday, November 12, 2011

rain or shine

oh these days
how they have been.
yesterday was 11/11/11
did you make a wish?
i did.
rain yesterday.
sunshine today.
i'm sitting at the cafe right now. drank a soy hot chocolate
and ate a delicious roasted turkey sandwich
i'm pretty content right now even though things haven't been so easy for me lately
i shall stay strong though, right? things will get better.
mistakes are made but that's how one learns to be a better person.
i miss blogging. i should start doing this often again
but I am thinking of starting fresh with a whole new one.
With thoughts, my poetry, artwork and inspirations of mine and books I am currently reading
followers of mine, if you're interested stay tuned for updates of a new blog =)
I'll be most certainly happy to have you keep following
though I haven't been such a great blogger lately

Happy Saturday


Anonymous said...

Everything will be better soon. good comes to those who wait :)

i miss your photos <3