Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lately I been watching Mad Men. Its a really good show, i love that it takes place in the 60s. Currently on season 3. The book I been currently reading is Shanghai Girls. I have now started school again today with just 3 classes this Fall semester :) I have always taken 5 and been so busy so I feel like this semester will be much more less stressful. Classes this semester I have is Intro to Animal Drawing & Anatomy, History of American Illustration and Printmaking which I am so excited for. That class will be something new :) I am also looking for a job, actually already had an interview but I am currently waiting to be called in for a second interview but so far nothing so I need to find other places to apply to just in case. So yeah just waiting for love to get home from school and we going to eat pizza for dinner. Seriously we seem to be eating pizza a lot! Gotta control that haha.


Anonymous said...

isn't pizza amazing though? It's always good to take a few classes during the semester to relax. I'm only taking one this fall!

Animal Drawing & Anatomy sounds like a lot of fun!