Tuesday, March 15, 2011


took these a couple days ago, just having fun with my broken digital camera...haha. And well that's my room :) I been blue lately, guy i really liked and who I had fun hanging out with for 2 weeks has suddenly stopped texting me or wanting to see me. I hate this whole ignoring a person thing. Its very immature. i hate it. very.very. much. And even worse, i dont know why he is doing this. it breaks my heart. i feel there really is no more good guys in this world. and all i want is to find the one guy who will love being with me, love me for who i am, respect me, & be honest.


kimberley said...

cute dress!
don't worry, believe me when I say that there are still some good guys in the world. I was lucky enough to find one. I believe you will find one too. keep being yourself, and you will find each other. xx

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kimberley! You do look amazing in these photos though. I love the angles!