Sunday, January 30, 2011

Relaxing at a cafe...♥

(my vintage Schwinn bike)
(lovely view of the city of San Francisco)
(blogger friend and now my roommate, Crystal )

So I am sitting at a cafe at the moment, been here all afternoon. I usually dont do this too often of going to cafes, ordering a drink or a sandwich and sit down for a good while but now I have done this a couple of times and I am loving it. A good way to escape home for a bit and just relax and have time for yourself. I been really at peace here, mostly drawing which is something I been needing to do more and I have created some interesting drawings. I am drawing a girl with butterflies in her hair, and it is coming along great :) But seriously, cafes are so relaxing. Well I have some photos to share. Enjoy!

(photos taken with my promaster 2500pk camera)


Anonymous said...

i LOVE your photos! especially the one of your old school bike :)

Tell Crystal i miss her posts!