Wednesday, November 10, 2010

you helped me forget a haunting past
the one who broke a sentimental heart
deep within me
everyday that person would be on my mind
knowing though how he left a broken being in tears
alone and afraid
the touch of your lips was like magic
something sweet was there
then you disappear one night
and in my thoughts you remain

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. I get to go home to the hood haha and see my parents and eat real food at last! oh yeah. I have plans on getting a ukulele soon but I just promised myself I wouldnt be buying things I truly don't need. But sometimes I have the urge to buy new clothes or anything that gets my attention but really now, i need to spend less and save more right now. Im so glad I have a job though. Its going very well and I get along with several of my co workers :) Its a friendly team. I am still currently reading 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' but I am almost done! I saw the movie last night and it was A W E S O M E ! well i cant wait to finish the book now so I can finally start a new one. Oh I cant wait for my hair to grow more. I have those days when i feel like a mess and ugly. I hate having bad hair days haha. Sometimes I want to have a boyfriend, sometimes I'm just okay about being single, but having one would be really nice though. I hate having feelings for someone who don't have them back for me. I have a type im really attracted to which would be someone who loves to read, handsome, dresses nice, wears glasses, has great taste in music, smart and of course has a sweet personality. Curly hair is another thing I love :] I always wonder when & where I'll find this person. Just a matter of time & patience right? Ugh lately I wish I didn't have homework, I really want like a week off to relax, drink tea, watch tv, sleep in, read books and chill. So glad the holidays are coming soon though :3 Turkey day, Christmas, my birthday and a brand new year =]


Anonymous said...

The holidays at home are always great! i love the photo :)

rach said...

wow, my thanksgivign was in octobre !

and yeaah, i know what you mean about boy stuff. its so UGH. WHERE IS MR. PERFECT? you know? i understand. i hope you find him, because there IS soemone out there for you.