Thursday, June 3, 2010

mr. freckle ...♥

Meet Mr. Freckle! Got him at Venice Beach. such a cute little creature! Sorry for poor quality photo. My digital camera was acting retarded -_- and there's my favorite kind of flowers sitting in my room! Carnations ♥ Chill day today! can't wait for the Laker game tonight! Boston's going down! yup i like watching basketball ever since I was 7. :D Well I'm currently reading a book called The Wind-up Bird Chronicle By Haruki Murakami...which reminds me...i need to head on over and update my book blog! I've read several books and haven't been able to share them. I am also currently watching Heroes. I'm on season 3 now. So thats what I'm been up to :D


Anonymous said...

awe! he's too cute! love the flowers. will definitely have to give that book a look out.

*i sent out your prize today!

catherine. said...

teehee, so cuuute :)