Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Isnt the dog in the second picture so cool with its sunglasses?! haha i just had to take his picture! and he rocked the photo. I love to bike ride and I been needing to get myself a new bike because the one I had before was too small lol so last week I went bicycle shopping with dad in search for my perfect bike. I ended up buying this awesome beach cruiser bike in mint green and a white basket for it :) I havent taken the picture of my bike yet to show you guys but I just noticed that in the 3rd picture above you can see it right there!! You see the 2 bicyclists in the front? My bike looks just like the one on the right of the photo! :D Tomorrow I'm going to the beach to bike ride! Its my favorite thing to do in the summer
Holga photographs by me


Rhianne said...

I love the dog, amazing :)

Celeste said...

the colors are so beautiful. nice work!