Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wishing for summer...♥

What a beautiful day today!! too bad i spent it indoors doing homework. Now I just cant seem to wait for the summer and have a well deserved vacation in southern California. Even though I am planning on getting a summer job haha but I look forward to that so I wont be home all the time bored. Leo is gonna ask for part time at his job so him and I can have more time to see each other in the summertime, I just hope my work schedule wont be too busy and that it will still permit me to have some fun. I miss Leo so much 3: well anyways I havent had much fun here in S.F. because of school. I think I want to work at Nickolodean Animation Studios in the future.... need to start somewhere and i think Nick is the perfect place since their 3D characters arent so difficult to model but at the same time I know I will gain knowledge and experience and then maybe I can work at a bigger studio or something. :D I applied for their summer internship too and hopefully waiting for their response soon.

holga photo, me


RACHEL said...

I HATE IT WHEN i have stuff to do, and its GORGEOUS OUTSIDE. its like the weather is taunting me : (

AH ! SUMMER : D SO EXCITED. hope he gets the job he wants. ugh, still searching for job : (

and i hope you make it to summer intership, that sounds SO EXCITING : D

Anonymous said...

i also wish it was summer too, even though i'm not a big fan of it. the weather has been very bad lately!