Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing with digital...♥

its spring break. didnt start of too well. but i managed to change that today. I went to Citylights Booksellers, spent 3 hours there... & bought a new book called 'The City of Dreaming books' by Walter Moers. I can't wait to read. Afterwards I stopped by for some chinese food, then frozen yogurt with mango and granola and then back home! :) The weather was wonderful today by the way. Oh and I played around with my digital camera and took photographs as shown above. ♥


sanchez said...

Oh wow love it.

I have a bag from Citylights Bookshop, my mother got it for me on my birthday, when she was in san Francisco

It makes my life

RACHEL said...

tell me how the book goes : D i have started to love reading once again due to my free-er school schedule.

oh, i love how you stuck your pictures to the wall !


Erimentha said...

sounds simply delightful! i love your font by the way, its so cute!


Crystal Ball said...

These are beautiful. I especially love the second and third one.
You have such gorgeous hair by the way.

Anonymous said...

i like the photos, the photo of the photos on the wall, and your sheets :)