Friday, March 5, 2010

Ferris wheel, beach and palm trees from Holga...♥

Here they are! Well a few of many hehe. Can't show them all at once because then what am I going to blog about later on?! haha I am very happy with the results from this roll of film. I used Fine color 100 iso 35mm film. What I love about Holga is the different results I always get so it never gets boring! Sometimes I get light leaks, sometimes it gives me foggy pictures, a little blur, or double exposures, bright colors or soft colors plus the black corners that is always included. I am very satisfied with this camera :) and made a great decision in buying it 9 months ago.
Well the four holga photography above are my favorite of the whole set. I took these in the beginning of the year, January, when Leo and I went out to Santa Monica beach for lunch. I took both my digital and Holga for pictures and I just love the results of film! Even though it takes a while to see the results from film than from a digital, it is very worth it.
More Holgas tomorrow! ^_^


mariam said...

awww beautiful pictures

sanchez said...

Oh wow pretty.
Can't wait to see what other pictures your holga as made.

:) they are all so very lovely. (it makes me want to develop my Holga, despite how lazy I am)

Anonymous said...

gah! these are amazing!!!

Crystal Ball said...

Yay! Finally you've posted up some Holga pictures. These are so, so lovely. I look forward to visiting SF once again for Spring Break so these just make me all the more excited.

JenRem said...

These photos are GREAT! Especially that first one. I love it. Great job with these :)