Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out pops the BLUE!...♥

I decided to participate in H&M's Blue contest :D My favorite store & my favorite color. I am actually on my way to the store to see what I can find and like for the photoshoot. My friend Natasha is helping me out, to see what I can wear and she'll be taking my photos for me. :) Blue is my favorite color and its pretty much the only color I wear often, except I dont have many blue clothing from H&M. If you'll like to know more about this contest click here ---> BLUE


Anonymous said...


sanchez said...

Ah sounds wonderful. Hope you have fun.
(and hopefully win)

You'll have to show us the photos!

RACHEL said...


i wanted to join it too, but i dont own anything blue from h&m either, and i'm too lazy to go buy !