Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain & Paintballs...♥

Its been raining so much here in southern California and I am so happy. Rain is very rare here. Also yesterday in the afternoon when it stopped raining I went Paintballing with Leo & his friends. It was my first time but it was very fun! and yes it hurts when you get hit haha! The only bad thing was that the paintball field was very muddy & slippery but i didnt slip! phew! I didn't manage to take pictures because I couldnt bring my camera with me, I didnt want to drop it & for it to get ruined :/ Its been raining all morning today too! I been reading a new book, 'Dear John' by Nicholas Sparks. Its good and I want to see the movie.


Anonymous said...

I heard paint-balling is fun! I've never done it. rain is fun but not when you have to go out. is the book any good? i can't wait to go see the movie!