Saturday, January 9, 2010

In black and white...♥


Not that long ago was the Photo Swap Rhianne hosted and I very happily joined :)
I had fun being part of it and I showed you the pictures of Canada she took and sent me which i loved! Here are some of the Holga photos i took for my photo swap partner, Aly! She accidentally got them developed in black & white but I am glad she did but I still love how they came out!! Of course there is more which I'll post later. I don't get tired of the city of San Francisco its absolutely a wonderful place to be! Hopefully you're not getting tired of seeing pictures of San Francisco...haha


Anonymous said...

one word: amazing!

Crystal Ball said...

Oh wow you should def. get more of you pictures developed in black and white. They look gorgeous!

RACHEL said...

i love the palm tree one, with the sun shining through. it feels amazing.


Kimberly said...

These pictures are amazing. Great job!