Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photo Swap {Part 1}

I been meaning to post these! but I haven't had much time on my hands sadly :/ I have 2 weeks left of school and I am done with my 5th semester! But its been stressful lately me trying to get all my work done in time... But back to the Photo Swap! I got it in the mail last week from my swap partner named Alyson and she is from Canada. So I have pictures of Canada! I really liked them, its pictures of things I like :D and I already have them placed on my wall along with the Holga photos my friend took in Washington which I also have to post and share with you all. In the meantime enjoy these! Need to post them in parts, because also I can't upload to my flickr yet because I need to buy the pro account.... haha

p.s my favorites is the cassette tapes and the Free hugs photo ;) also the one of the tree with the autumn leaves. Oh what the heck...they are all great xD


Anonymous said...

They're amazing! Alyson has talent. my favorites are the free hug, and tree one. great job!

Rhianne said...

they are great, I love the free hugs photo!! Yeay! :)

surrealtrees said...

I'm glad they turned out well! I was nervous that they weren't going to turn out haha especially the ones of the inside. I completely forget what they were of. I'm glad you liked them. ;)