Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy happy...♥

Today was just wonderful! not only am I home now for the holidays but I got to spend today with my special someone :D ♥. Also My winter break is 6 weeks long!! And christmas is around the corner! and my birthday too! & my dad's birthday! And a new year 2010! and Mom's birthday! haha so many things :O Aww I am so happy. It feels wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your happy. i hope you enjoy the holidays Evelyn. have a wonderful week.

Kym said...

awwww sounds like such an exciting time for you! glad to see you are happy and well! merry christmas! <3

Selma said...

Enjoy the holidays!!! :) And six weeks...yeah that's long and sounds so fantastic! Have fun!!!!