Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December ...♥

How incredibly fast time goes by because it is already the last month of this year! =O I love December ^_^ The holiday spirit, the delicious food we have for christmas, presents, being with family, and my birthday is this month and I'll be turning 21!! ^-^ Well today I flew back to San Francisco! I think I am liking San Francisco a little more than home...oh oh! It is just a great city !
:D Well back to school tomorrow....and I will super super busy with loads of homework!! =-[

holga photo by me

P.S Oh!! almost forgot! I let my friend use my Holga camera during the Thanksgiving break, and she's from Washington state! So expect photos of the woods and other pretty nature things from Washington! Hopefully they turned out. I'll be developing the film tomorrow. ;]


Anonymous said...

the picture is amazing!!!

the Holga sounds like a wonderful camera. yay for you turning 21, its a powerful age. can't wait to see the pictures from Washington!

Anonymous said...

P.S whats your facebook?

Sanchez said...

Oh wow! Happy birthday for this month.

I love the holiday spirit! It makes me so giddy and just all around happy!

RACHEL ! said...

i for one, cannot believe its december. : ( time is too fast. i cant catch up.

ALWKEJRLKERJLKJY. you make me wnat to buy a holga : D

Melissa said...

great photo! I heart holgas. They always surprise you =)