Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 more days...♥

How exciting, how a whole year went by so it is almost christmas in a few days! I am sure I am going to have family over tomorrow :D My uncle, aunt and her baby boy and my 7 year old cousin who i love :D Going to play some video games with him. Also the best part of Christmas is the Guatemalan Tamales!! Mom and I made about 80 or so yesterday and I ate 2 today and they are so delicious!! The best tasting tamale in the world! haha I think mom is making some more today and Ponche too, which is a traditional drink we have too for the holidays. So excited to open my gifts too. All i asked was for a gift card to a book store and a new ipod because my old one broke :[ I also can't wait for my 21st birthday. I get to go to Disneyland for free and I invited 2 friends to spent my birthday with. It should be fun ^-^ What do you all of you do for the holidays? any special traditions? :)

Holga photo taken by me


Celeste said...

ahh is this from the hyatt on the embarcadero?! i love their lights and the little snow town :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful picture!

my mother makes ponche as well!
it's a must ;)

Happy Holidays.

RACHEL ! said...

YEAH FOR HOLIDAYS. but oh, i dont really want 2010 coming so soon ...

my special tradition? on the 25th, i go dim suming at this amazing restuarant with my family. EVERY YEAR !


Anonymous said...

the picture is lovely. those tamales sound yummy. now i want to have some. we usually do the same. family, and dinner. happy holidays Evelyn.

*Disney is fun!!!

Toothfairy said...

I KNOW! this year just flew by, what happened?! Christmas is here, and I don't feel like it's christmas at all... :S

videogames ya! :P

merry christmas!