Monday, November 23, 2009

She wolf...♥

So..I am also a fan of Shakira. I love her old style more though but today her She Wolf album was released and I went to buy it. I had already heard all the songs in the album and they are all great. I have every single one of her album so I had to get this one to complete the collection :p
Other than that, I also went to the post office and had to mail off an envelope for my swap partner in Canada for the Photo Swap project that ended today. Can't wait to receive hers when I'm able to go back to San Francisco and check my mail. Because right now I am in southern California for Thanksgiving! Home sweet home! It's great to be back even if it's just for a few days ^_^


Anonymous said...

She is great! and very pretty. although i like her old music better :) happy thanksgiving. I'm expecting to see a lot of awesome pictures from you!

mart and lu said...

i wish i could spend this weekend in southern california in the warmth of the sunshine. have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Crystal Ball said...

I LOVE Sharkira. Hope you had a great time back home!