Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love your Blog Award...♥

Thank you Elizabeth from Simply Bee for the cool looking award haha I like it too! :D Makes me smile knowing my blog is one of your fave =] Anyone who hasn't stopped by her blog, you must, because its so sweet and full of love ^_^

Hmm so the rules is to state 7 facts about me
*I love to laugh and smile, its a great feeling! :D
*I've never broken a bone
*I don't like horror movies :[
*My favorite Flower is the Carnation
*I wanted to be a Meteorologist or a Chemist
*I like keeping things neat and clean
*I love Orange Juice! haha

I would like to give this award to
Crystal, RetroDaisies, Rhianne, & Elizabeth (you deserve it from me too ^^)


Anonymous said...

thank you so much! I'm glad your awarding me ;)

i also love orange juice too!

Zmaga said...


You're tagged: check it out!

Rhianne said...

Yeay, thank you!! I've never broken a bone either - I'm quite proud of this :)

Have a great weekend x