Thursday, October 8, 2009


After my morning class today my friend and I took off for lunch at In-N-Out over at Fisherman's Wharf! Mmmm I left so happy and satisfied with their delicious burgers hehe because I had been craving them for so long, so yummy. We took the school shuttle there and back. Well other than that there's nothing new. I went to check if my photos from my Holga were already ready but they aren't until tomorrow afternoon :[

Ok moving on! I need to ask you all a favor! I need opinions :] I am getting a haircut possibly next week, mostly just cutting the ends and getting layers but I been wondering about getting bangs. I am not highly convinced yet and maybe you guys will know if they'll work on me or not? Most of my friends tell me to go for it because it'll look nice and the guy who cuts my hair says I have a good frame for it..but I'm still not sure ! Let me know what you think , maybe you can convince me some more. Last time I had bangs i was 7 years old xD


cavaán said...

ohhhhh gahhhh in n out, that place was amazing.... i miss it so much. and chipotle!!!

haha fisherman's wharf. i accidently ended up there when i was trying to get to the golden gate bridge because i refused to look at a map.

and ummmmm, YES you should!!!!!!!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

hmmm i think u should get bangs...straight ones, not side swept. the hair dude is right. u do have the frame for it.

and yes, replying to your comment, those are crazy shoes, but they are beautiful.

and in response to your previous post, i don't like death cab's single for new moon that much. it isn't memorable to me.

i like their old stuff better.

<3 lise

Natalie said...

omg i am obsesed with innout! it's my favorite fastfood! :)


Anonymous said...

The joint looks really fun! when in that area I'll give it a try!

*the bangs would look really good on you. get them!!!

Crystal Ball said...

Oh goodness I adore In-N-Out! Especially because I can actually eat there (they have a vegetarian option for a burger).

So as I sat here on my couch I looked at that lovely picture of you and tried to imagine bangs on you..and honestly, I think they would look SO good on you! I think you should definitely get them. Your face is perfect for them.

jenny said...

i've always had bangs.. if you ask me it's the best haircut, the only one i like.. so OF COURSE i will tell you to get bangs!!! xo

Elise said...

they are mad shoes, but great !

Beth said...

I absolutely miss the fries from here, not the burgers since i turned vegetarian in the beginning of this year.

Btw i hope its not too late to thank you for your comment on my post from "desire of a piano"

& thanx i hope i can go there one day.