Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was surprised today when I checked my e-mail & Flickr to find a message from a lead manager editor of Schamap Los Angeles Guide, telling me that one of my photographs has been chosen to be on their 18th edition of early October 2009. O.O yeah I was surprised to read that possibly one of my photos will be featured!! :O So of course I accepted! It is quite an honor :o. So now it is in the final selection phase with some other photos from other all I need to do is wait to be notified if my photo was published. Interesting thing is they chose a photo I snapped with my Holga :D! yay!! And yes, the photo above is the one they chose. I guess they really liked it :p I never thought this would happen....& photography is just my hobby, something I enjoy and have fun doing :)

P.s I developed my roll of film today and got the photos for F r e e!! :D I will be scanning them as soon as I get my hands on a scanner... =_=


Crystal Ball said...

Aw Evelyn, congratulations!!!!!
I would be so excited if I was you so I can only imagine how excited you are. Let us know if it does get selected.
Good luck!

Sara said...


Lauren said...

Congratulations! How exciting. You are very talented, so it's no surprise. :)

isabella said...

i like your blog :)