Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Rhianne did this awesome wishlist for today. It's very interesting all the numbers are the same for this date. Also I went to see 9 today at the movies! Amazing movie! I say you all go watch it! ♥!

{My Wishes}
I wish for great happiness...
I wish for good health always for my family/friends/and everyone
I wish for a good future with my career
I wish for love
I wish for height
I wish for more confidence
I wish for rain to fall on California again
I wish for lovely clothes
I wish for a good life
I wish to improve my talents as a 3D Modeler
I wish to work at Sony Animations
I wish for great things for all of you!
I wish for my hair to cooperate haha
I wish for acne-free face :p

photo by Sami A.


Crystal Ball said...

What a great photograph and what a lovely little list. I haven't seen the movie 9 but I have to watch it now that you said it's amazing. I hope you are having a lovely night!

Sara said...

I wish all your wishes come true!

retrodaisies . said...

I WISH YOUR WISHES TOO. i wish i had an acne free face ) :


trishiekoh said...

Great wish list! Hope they all come true.
Loving the picture too.

Rhianne said...

lovely list!! sorry it taken me so long to see it but it was definitely worth the wait... I hope that they all come true and my hair one day cooperates as well :) x

Milly said...

i wish those things for you and for myself as well :) like yr blog!