Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's in the....♥


yes, it is time for this post. I've seen it almost everywhere in the blogs I read and find it interesting to see what people carry around in their bags. I am not a bag person but I do need to carry one in order to put in these items I need with me when I leave the house :D

Black leather H&M bag contains:
  • blue nano ipod with headphones ( i usually carry smaller headphones than those)
  • Owl case and glasses
  • my camera ( but i had to use it for this picture lol )
  • Samsung Rant cellphone
  • pen
  • Trident gum
  • wallet ( inside contains cards, money, I.D, a few coupons)
  • Hand cream
  • Strawberry chapstick ( not pictured above because I forgot =[ )


Adele said...

I really should start bringing out things like hand cream and chapstick! haha (: thanks for the inspiration!

Denise said...

i always have a handwash and alcogel and one magazine and one book am currently reading. i like huge bags that can contain my whole house.

Little Bo Peeep said...

You've got one sick head phone, lurve it <3

Sol said...

that's more or less what i have on my bag too!