Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Holga 135 BC...♥

Before I had said I wanted the Diana Dreamer Camera but I put more thought into it and decided that getting 120 film for it would have been harder to find and process and the pictures were only going to turn out to be 4x4cm. So I been doing research on the Holga camera which is pretty much the same as the Diana :D except it requires 35mm film which will be so much easier to obtain! hehe I also noticed most people are liking this camera and turn out happy with the results. So I have made my mind and I shall be getting the White Holga pictured above! Isn't it a beauty! *drools* hehe :) Being a photography lover and admirer , I am sure I will love using this one! I'm anxious to get it *_*


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Evelyn, see if you can find lens with F-35mm or bigger.
That is a beautiful camera.
I still have my 12 year old Nikon film SLR, and a 32 year old Yashica back up camera for my hobby of taking portraits.
Nothing like films over digital for scenes.
You have a nice day, Lee.

blorange dice said...

gahh, i'm jealous.

i've been really wanting a cooler camera lately.

be sure to post the pictures you take with your holga (haha, of course)!

Larue said...

holga is a really great camera =). But unfortunately I bought the Holga 120.

Maybe I'll buy the Holga 135 too ;)

Rhianne said...

yeay this is the one I'm getting (but in black)I ordered mine off ebay - they had some good prices on there. The one I got was from Hong Kong but it came really fast!

Looking forward to sharing photos with you :) Far too excited for us both now!

yiqin; said...

OMG I have this & it is perfect :D I really want a diana now!

yiqin; said...

Yes! here :)