Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clear as Water...♥

I think life can be pretty unfair. Sometimes I am not happy about certain things, but mostly I tend to not to be happy with myself. I know it is not good to think negative of oneself and finding flaws and so on but I can't help it. I am sure I am not the only one right? There's things I complain about myself everyday. When I see people with such beautiful clear skin on their faces I sometimes feel like crying, and I ask myself why can't have a clean face like that? but instead I am stuck with acne and I have been tired of having it ever since I remember...I am certain it has been since I was 14 years old. I guess it stresses me out and makes me feel sad. Maybe that's why I don't like mirrors much lol... but anyways, us girls always seem to have some struggles and uncertainties with ourselves. I would like to know I am not the only one....maybe that'll make me feel better... =/ but all I can do is pray and hope for my face to clear day...soon and pardon about this post..may have been boring or who knows...just felt like writing it down, I heard it helps and I really needed to share...


Zmaga said...

Don't feel so bad about your face - you're not the only one! Even the people you fin beautiful don't like everything about themselves.

Denise said...

honey....i exactly know hoe you feel. My acne started when i was 21. I think that's old enough to be getting started with acne. And it's the worst kind. It's better to get pimples when you're on your teens than in your twenties they said, and that's so true in my case.

I've been trough a lot of horrible treatments, painful ones. Even tried isotretinoin. Ask your dermatologist about it. It could work for you. But sorry for my case it didn't work as we hope too.

But since i've been introduced to VMV Hypoallergenic products, i didn't look back. It's gentle and it really works for me. It's a filipino brand but mostly based abroad. Please check theor website

check them out. They're not expensive! I SWEAR! i swear on this product. for i have a very sensitive skin.

girl i know how it feels to be unpretty when i know inside i am! pls pls pls check out their site. I think you can order on line. I am using their acne skin care line. The GReen one. hihihhii. They're in color codes.

i hope this help.

have a great day! cheer up!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry a lot of women still get spots especially me and only thing that helps stop it for me is to try to scrub my face once a week as it helps take more of the dirt and dead skin away.