Thursday, July 16, 2009

Celebrity Closet I choose....♥

If I could choose any celebrity's style closet for my own i would definitely choose Zooey Deschanel's closet with her lovely clothes! hehe Her style is marvelous with an electric flair and vintage style, she hits the right note when it comes to fashion :) and can't forget she is beautiful herself!
Here's an interview I found of her here but I also wanted to post it below :) If you could choose any celebrity's closet...which would you choose? :)


What colors in your environment are you most drawn to?
Zooey: May flowers are reall beautiful, although I have an affinity for blues, corals, and jewel tones.

What colors do you enjoy wearing most?
Zooey: My favorite color to wear is any shade of blue. It's a very expressive color. There is a blue to express every mood.

What color combination do you like best?
Zooey: I like monochromatic palettes. Or a neutral color, like black or navy, mixed with something a bit bolder or brighter.

What kind of patterns do you like to wear most?
Zooey: It depends on my mood, but I really enjoy bold geometric patterns and elements.

What kind of textures are you drawn to?
Zooey: Structured and tactile fabrics like corduroy and denim for pants and skirts. I also love the embossed feel of a nice eyelet for dressier occasions.

Are there certain properties you look for in the fabrics you wear?
Zooey: While I enjoy vintage styles, it's important that a fabric keeps its shape. Form is essential to me, even in casual wear.

What outfits do you like to wear for formal occassion?
Zooey: Structured, A-line, short or mid-length dresses with interesting details like a ruffles neckline or something that gives it a twist.

What outfits do you like to wear for casual occassions?
Zooey: Dresses can be more comfortable than pants , so I wear a lot of them. Basiclly anything that is easy to move in and cute.

What outfits do you like to wear for nights out on the town?
Zooey: My style is pretty electric, so almost anything goes. But mostly party dresses with full skirts.

What fasteners do you like the look of best?
Zooey: I look for invisible zippers, sashes and small buttons in the front for shirts.

If you could have just one accessory what would it be?
Zooey: A purse is a way to tie together an outfit and a place to put your wallet!

What kind of embeliishments do you find most stylish?
Zooey: It depends what the outfit needs. Bows, flowers, collars, lace, ruffles, pockets and piping are my favorites.


Carlene said...

I love zooey! I have the biggest girl crush on her!

Crystal Ball said...

You could not have chosen a better girl. I love Zooey and her timeless style. Great post! xo

Rose Red said...

I love love love her!

Great blog.

Samantha Moralde said...

i adore zooey! :) love your blog!

retrodaisies . said...

she has such LOVELY CLOTHES!


Rhianne said...

eep, so glad you like my pictures - can't wait to see yours :)

Zooey is lovely - I wish I could get my hair to look like that!

The Clothes Horse said...

I want Sofia Coppola's wardrobe. But I do love Zooey's style.

michellehendra said...

i love zooey! despite her similarity to katy perry, she's great! and wonderful


Zmaga said...

I couldn't agree more - let's steal her clothes!