Monday, June 1, 2009

June, June...♥

It's the first day of June but it turned out to be another cloudy/gloomy day once again. Where is the sun hiding? What happened to Sunny Southern California? haha but I can't help but realize how fast times flying. We already mid way of the year...6 more months and it'll be a whole new 2010. Incredible! Not to 21st birthday is in December. :) I can't wait.

Oh yesterday, thanks for your comments everybody :) My parents decided to take me out since I didn't end up going hanging out with my friend. We went to some shops at Beverly Hills and there was this awesome shop called Slow. They have incredible clothing and shoes! I found the pixie ankle boots i been wanting but they only had size 7 and a half :( so i left disappointed. After that we headed to Chinatown Los Angeles. The place wasn't that bad. We ended up having a good time! But i much prefer Chinatown San Francisco. hehe


blorange dice said...

ahh, i'm so jealous your birthday's coming up soon! well, sort of soon... haha. happy june to you!!