Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet desserts...♥

Who doesn't want a delicious dessert with a cup of coffee or even tea? :) Above is a raspberry cheesecake, one of my favorite desserts. There's so many good sweets out there, I still have yet to try! I am sure baking a dessert yourself can be really fun too! :) Does anyone bake their own desserts? Or maybe you have a favorite dessert that everyone loves in your family and that has been run down from generations? Or do you have a dessert you invented on your own? Whatever it is, I'll love to hear it.

Here's a list of my favorite desserts I love :)...
  • Banana Split
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • New York cheesecake
  • Cookies n' Cream Cheesecake
  • Flan
  • Arroz en leche ( rice in milk)
  • Yogurt with berries and granola
  • Strawberry or pineapple cake
  • Berry pies
  • Cupcakes


Zmaga said...

Well, now I'm in the mood for something sweet! And there's nothing interesting in the kitchen :(